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Your Clients Are Looking For You

It's time to find more clients, automate more, and protect your energy.

Transform Your Coaching With Our Bundle Full of Products Just For You!

Are you a coach who is looking to expand your coaching skills and take your practice to the next level? Look no further than our Coaching Toolchest!

Our innovative suite of products can help you accelerate your development as a coach and gain the confidence you need to excel as a professional.

Our Coaching Toolchest offers coaches like you access to:

  • A comprehensive library of resources and references tailored for coaches in any field
  • Practical guidance on how to set and achieve professional goals
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for building coaching skills quickly
  • An extensive selection of tools that make it easier to support clients through their journey

We understand that each individual has their own unique needs when it comes to developing their coaching practice. But, business is business, and there are still some basics to go with. That's why we've collaborated with coaching experts to bring multiple trainings, workshops, and templates that you can grab what you need right now and implement it in your business.

In addition, our Coaching Toolchest helps optimize your business for growth. You’ll have immediate access to:

  • Social media training and graphic templates you can use.
  • Sales posts and emails that convert, including templates.
  • Create perfect opt ins and freebies to grab the right people, and you guessed it, there are templates.

As coaches, we understand better than anyone, the power of coaching. So we have multiple trainings to help YOU level up.

Anytime you grow, you take your clients on a higher level journey with you. You can make that happen today.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Learn From Experts And Watch Your Biz Grow!

Grab your access now!

Sale ends April 16

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$2,128 in workshops and products

All for only $47!

Get The Coaching Toolchest and Create More Time For YOU In Your Business!

Look At All These Amazing Products Included!

Flash Sale In a Flash Templates Bundle

Contributed by Caroline Vencil

Flash Sale In a Flash Templates includes 50+ Canva templates and 25+ Pickmonkey templates that are 100% customizable to your branding. These Instagram, email, and sales page mock ups will help you maximize profit with your flash sales!

Value $97

PLR and/or Commercial Use

18 High converting plug-and-play viral SALES posts

Contributed by Viktoria Thorbjorn

If you want to sell your offers and want easy-to-use templates you can simply adjust to match your business or offer, this is for you.

Proven & tested viral plug-and-play post templates with examples to help you sell your offers & get engagement!

Only one post easily returns your investment and gives you a high ROI.

Value £37 ($45)

Personal Use Only

Fastest Freebies Ever

Contributed by Ellen Finkelstein
of Change the World Marketing

As a coach, few will sign on the first time they hear you. You need to build trust and show your expertise over time and the best way to do that is by email. Fastest Freebies Ever will show you how to QUICKLY create freebies to attract people to subscribe. You'll get the templates you need plus video training to use them. Here's to that big list of people who are the perfect clients for you!

Value $47

Personal Use Only

Terrific Tracker

Contributed by Sidneyeve Matrix
of XOXO Templates

For coaches & course creators: use this 14-page template to help clients/students track progress toward their goals. Pretty in pink & 100% editable in Canva Pro. What's Inside: About the author; Daily + Weekly trackers; Habit tracker; Mindset tracker; Step-by-step roadmap; Action plan with next steps + bonus 8-page Instagram carousel template for you to promote your new tracker! Hope you love it!

Value $38

Personal Use Only

Productivity Made Easy Mastermind

Contributed by Becky Beach
of PLR Beach

Are you struggling to be more productive? Train your brain to be as productive as possible with Productivity Made Easy Mastermind. You will learn tips and tricks on how to be more productive and stop procrastinating. Becky Beach is a multiple 6-figure business owner that enjoys helping others create their own online businesses.

Value $147

Personal Use Only

Easy Peasy Emails

Contributed by Jay Crisp Crow
of Crisp Copy

20 minutes + your voice + these templates


All the copy prompts you need for a 3 part hybrid Nurture/Upsell email sequence (yep, 3 parts, not 17, not 330!)

Made super simple

Value $33 AUD ($22 USD)

Personal Use Only

Building Systems to Run Your Business with Confidence

Contributed by Dani Schnakenberg
of Simplified Business Systems

This workshop is an entrepreneur’s guide to why you need systems and how to start creating them without feeling overwhelmed and scattered. If you’re ready to hire help or just looking to streamline, automate and optimize, this masterclass takes you step by step through how to document, analyze and identify ways to improve your systems and processes.

Value $30

Personal Use Only

The Crush the Rush Content Planning and Repurposing Masterclass

Contributed by Holly Haynes

In this masterclass, learn how to create long-form content, create a repurposing schedule, and a long-term outsourcing calendar saving you hours and allowing your content to be 10X more visible. Immediately creating more authority and visibility for your brand.

Value $47

Personal Use Only

Money Abundance Journal

Contributed by Rayven Monique
of Abundability

Transform your relationship with money and achieve financial abundance with the Money Abundance Journal. Identify limiting beliefs and patterns, clarify your goals, and create a sustainable plan for financial success. Say goodbye to the constant stress and anxiety about money and hello to a fulfilling life of abundance.

Value $47

Personal Use Only

Kickstart Your Email Challenge

Contributed by Kylie Kelly

My Kickstart Your Email Challenge will help you launch and grow your email list - or revive a dead one. You'll learn basics like how to choose the right email marketing platform and the importance of a high converting welcome sequence - as well as how you can create a strategy for your email marketing that actually feels good, while become a consistency queen... and much more!

Value $127

Personal Use Only

How to Scale Your Coaching Program with Group Coaching: Workshop

Contributed by Allison Nelson

At the end of this workshop, you will have a core offer that you can scale and profit from because we will master why group coaching programs are the best way to scale your coaching business, the exact steps to get your group coaching program profitable, and 2 current trends in group coaching programs that are not getting your clients results.

Value $37

Personal Use Only

Premium Package Creation Guide

Contributed by Aprille Reed

If you’re a service-based business, creating packages of your services offering premium value can be an incredibly effective way to increase revenue and streamline work. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a premium service-based package so that your clients get maximum value for their money. We'll help you select which services to include and determine price points.

Value $37

Personal Use Only

Group Growth Starter Kit

Contributed by Brittany Verlenich
of Verity Media

There's SO much bad advice out there when it comes to building an audience, acquiring clients, and getting sales with social media.

By the end of this mini-course, you'll have a Facebook Group setup - ready to help you attract dream clients, draw in ideal customers, and build a purpose-driven community around your brand while making you money.

Sound good?? Then let's get started!

Value $37

Personal Use Only

Self-Care Solution For Coaches Bundle

Contributed by Rosemary Morretta
of TeamSelfCare

Explores the unique challenges coaches face & how they can benefit from self-care. Provides practical strategies & tools for creating a personalized self-care routine that promotes personal and professional success. By prioritizing self-care coaches can replenish their energy & show up in the best possible way for their clients. As coaches ourselves we know it's the best investment you can make.

Value $47

Personal Use Only

Colorful Life Abundance Planner

Contributed by Rayven Monique
of Color Monthly PLR

Excite your clients with this colorful journal with Private Label Rights! Rebrand and sell it as your own, or include it in your coaching program. 38 unique planner pages, designed to inspire your audience to put down in writing their biggest heart desires.

Value $57

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Social Media Mini Booster Program

Contributed by Talena Bacon
of Creative Women Coaching

Social Media Mini Booster Training; A video training to help you master your Social Media Strategy; so you can Rock it like a social media Queen! Worksheet and Free Bonus Goal Planner

Value $97

Personal Use Only

98 Beautiful & Strategic Social Media Templates for Canva!

Contributed by Helen Garfield
of The Creatives Desk

Fun, pretty, and fresh style Canva templates for Instagram and Pinterest. Specially designed to ‘wow’ your target audience on social media and attract dream clients and customers to your brand. With a little editing, these strategy-filled templates will help get your social media posts noticed for all the right reasons!

Value $39

Personal Use Only

Harper Freebie Funnel Template Kit for WordPress

Contributed by Emilia Amaro
of The Launch it Co.

Capture leads with the beautiful Harper Freebie Kit for Elementor without the cost of going custom. Perfect for online coach/service biz babes with an email list to grow. Easy-to-use and slides into what theme you're using in WP. Upload, customize with your content and launch - best of all, they require NO coding and are mobile-ready from the get-go.

Value $129

Personal Use Only

Content Clarity Organizer

Contributed by Lizzie Mattson
of Wildfeather Co.

This board-view Asana template is the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper of content organization. The Content Clarity Organizer is a clear system for drafting, scheduling, and storing your social media content that is so meticulously designed even Monica Geller would be impressed.

Value $37

Personal Use Only

The Ultimate Client Enrollment Call Process

Contributed by Colin Yearwood

Are you tired of spending hours on free Coaching calls with potential clients, only to have them NOT sign up for your program? The Ultimate Client Enrollment Call Process will fix that! In this training, you will master the new skills for Enrolling More Paid Clients using your Coaching skills and an easy Coaching Framework to sign up a steady stream of new PAID clients.

Value $197

Personal Use Only

A Balanced Guide to Content Marketing (without getting burned out)

Contributed by Alicia Johnson

Simplify your content marketing so you can connect to your audience without getting burned out! Over 30 pages of material and exercises to help you navigate the best way to content market for you and your business. Take charge of your marketing to reach your audience without getting overwhelmed and burned out!

Value $47

Personal Use Only

Home Page Cheat Guide for Coaches

Contributed by Nikki Berkel

Learn what to write on your home page so it’s crystal clear and gets you clients!

In just under 30 minutes, learn the biggest mistake coaches make on their home page copy (and what to write instead), the 6 things to include on your home page (and what not to), and how to choose the best call to action.

Instead of wondering if your home page is any good, you’ll feel confident about it!

Value $27

Personal Use Only

100+ Engagement Graphics & Reels Templates for Coaches

Contributed by Gemma Louise Kimpton of Create & Bloom

Posting on social media can be a real pain in the A, especially if you don’t have a lot of time and are a one-person show. But it doesn’t have to be this way!
These Posts, Stories and Reel Templates were designed for busy entrepreneurs like you who need to stand out on social media without spending hours creating eye-catching content.

Value $49

Personal Use Only

Ultimate Client Magnet Planner For Coaches

Contributed by Jonas Goldt

COACHES: Want To Grow A List Of Ideal Clients?
With this 14-page step-by-step guide, you'll plan a 🧲️ Client Magnet for lead generation and list building.

⭐️ Learn how to craft a converting lead magnet,
⭐️ Discover the 3S features of freebies to attract your Ideal Clients,
⭐️ Find an enticing name for your Client Magnet.

Value $27

Personal Use Only

Create a Successful and Engaging Client Challenge!

Contributed by Cheryl Thacker
of Successful Coaches Enterprise

How do you get more prospects to, grow your following, groups and community and ultimately get more clients? With CHALLENGES! In this online course, I walk you through step by step to create a challenge that will have your prospects raising their hands to sign up! Worksheets, templates, everything you need to create your successful challenge!

Value $199.99

Personal Use Only

Write Your Profitable Welcome Sequence in an Hour

Contributed by Rob Fortier

Don’t wait to email new subscribers to your list! Make them feel welcome from the start with a well-written email sequence so they can get to know you, like you, and trust you… and be ready to buy from you. The provided templates in this step-by-step self-paced video course will help you quickly write a sequence that will convert strangers into friends and leads into customers.

Value $97

Personal Use Only

You Gotta SHIFT to Shift

Contributed by Dani Craig & Chelsea Walls of Launch House & Co.

It's time to move your offer and business into the world of Thought Leadership and we are walking you through the step-by-step plan we use for our 6 & 7-Figure Clients so you can SHIFT into greater visibility & profits!
Are YOU ready to SHIFT?

Value $149

Personal Use Only

The DIY Designer Canva Course + Template Library

Contributed by Jessica Wangelin

Looking to take your marketing to the next level and create stunning designs in less time? The DIY Designer Canva Course + Template Library will teach you how to use Canva desktop and mobile like a pro, including features like Docs, Whiteboard, and Magic Write. This course has videos, marketing tips, plus a template library to save time and help you promote your business.

Value $97

Personal Use Only

Procrastination Buster Course

Contributed by Elisha Klein
of Clearly Coached

For Entrepreneurs who are ready to bust through Procrastination

Get More of the Right Things Done Without Working Longer Hours

Discover in the Procrastination Buster:

  • The truth about why we procrastinate and how to game the system to work in our favor
  • Identify hidden fears and obstacles to motivation that cause self-sabotage
  • 3 methods to complete tasks that have been avoided or put off

Value $37

Personal Use Only

Pinterest For Coaching

Contributed by Charisse Merrill

Not sure how to use PINTEREST as a COACH? There's a system to it...After this class, you'll understand the 3 steps of using Pinterest as your funnel for your coaching business, how to set up your Pinterest profile to attract ideal pinners, and get your profile in the right feed, and the way Pinterest works to bring in potential clients who are ready to take action (aka ready to spend money).

Value $47

Personal Use Only

$2,128 in workshops and products

All for only $47!

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