So, You Want To Grow Your List

We all do!

A bigger list means more sales right?

Only if you are growing that list intentionally.

And that's what we want to help you do.

Intentional List Growth = More Sales

Here we grow...together!

We started Bundle Bash to create niche event experiences that are a perfect fit for both participant and buyer.

It's time to extend our community and really dig into collaboration to grow your business, no matter how small your list.

Which is why we are really excited to launch the...

Collaborate & Grow Membership!

Now we are in soft launch only, so no fancy sales page here. We're looking to connect with our most loyal followers and collaborating first.

Which means, "Charlie, you just got a golden ticket!"

Just like Wonka's factory, we're here to set up a magical experience.

Here's what's your new favorite membership:

Dang, Look At All of This!

We're in soft launch mode, but you have to admit, we're starting off full of groovy benefits for you and your business.

Monthly Event To Grow Your List - value $197

Each quarter we have a giveaway, paid bundle, and a $9 sale set up for members only to participate.

Many events charge $197 for small lists to join their events, if they even let those under 2000 join at all.

First giveaway is in June, which means PREP IS NOW!

How to Bundle Badly Workshop - value $97

Take our workshop and learn from the many errors we've made over the years and what we see other participants doing regularly. 

Feedback on Your Submission - value $97

We want you to look like a superstar when you submit to events. So we're giving members the opportunity to have their product reviewed and see the user experience.

Access to Calendar of Events - value $67

We collaborate with a lot of events on the intranets and we want to get you connected with the best fit for you.

Pitch Your Program Party - value $67

Members will get together once a month and get a chance to share their business. This is how you immediately find a great business to collaborate with. 

Value is over $525!

We admit, we could have stopped with just access to monthly events, but we want the full collaboration experience with you

Can you dig it?

This is not when we tell you an exorbitant price.

We are here to get you collaborating and intentionally growing that list to make sales.

This is a no-brainer, hell yes, throw your cc at us moment here.

You're going to get all of the above for only $7 a month.

Quick recap of what is currently included:

  1. 1
    Monthly Event To Grow Your List - value $197
  2. 2
    How to Bundle Badly Workshop - value $97
  3. 3
    Feedback on Your Submission - value $97
  4. 4
    Access to Calendar of Events - value $67
  5. 5
    Pitch Your Program Party - value $67

Yes, we said only $7 a month.

We are not kidding about creating a huge collaboration experience.

So join us now!

Please don't make us have to create a fancy sales page lol

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