Connect & Convert Bundle

July 7-16, 2023

Final submissions due June 2nd at midnight EST.

Last day for buyers to access products is August 4th at 5pm EST.

Congrats on being accepted into the Connect & Convert Bundle!

Please make sure that we have your final submission form by
June 2nd at midnight EST. Everything must be ready for testing at time of submission.

Submission Form - List Building Bundle
If a coupon is required, we will email you the code to use after submission.
Min 100 characters; Max 400 characters, including spaces.
Product license (PLR, Commercial Use, Personal Use Only?)
The product I am submitting: (please check all)
I will email my list about the event a minimum of twice with one resend to unopens as well as promote to my social media.
Media Release Consent
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

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