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Imagine A Glorious Summer

The goals you hit. The products you've sold.

The clients and customers you helped.

You Can Achieve All Your Goals

The New Year is an exciting time to look at your accomplishments and create a plan for the biz you want going forward. We and our business friends are here to help you get an amazing start in 2023.

It's time to bring in new ideas to expand on what is working. Think outside the box to make your business unique!

This is also a great time to evaluate what didn't work and let it go.

It's our goal to help you kick off 2023 with trainings to ramp up your knowledge and fresh products to add to your store.

The Fresh Start Bundle is about creating the business YOU want going forward. 

Whether you're a full-time entrepreneur or working a side hustle, you have a dream life and it's time to go get it.

Here’s a look at what’s waiting for you on the inside:

  • Be more effective daily
  • Review 2022
  • Create plans for 2023
  • Create workshops and programs
  • and of course, done-for-you packages to get your shop looking fresh for the new year

We know the new year is exciting and want to help you with tools to create AND maintain your awesome biz.

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Product Name

Product Description

Contributed by NAME of BUSINESS NAME

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $xx

Autumn Planner & Graphics Sampler

This done-for-you Autumn Planner has 12 thoughtfully created pages and includes 10 hand drawn colored illustrations in PNG format. The illustrations are drawn in-house so you can't find them anywhere else! You can use the pages or sections as a standalone product or you can sell the entire planner as a full wedding planner. The planner comes as an editable Canva template.

Contributed by Chelsea Sprague of PLR Friends

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $12

Family Fun Challenge Pack

Give the families in your audience something memorable: a break from monotony, quality time and fun! This 16-page template is packed with challenges to bring everyone together. Includes challenges like team cooking, outdoor activities, 30 days of fitness, 100-days, DIY and more! (Commercial use, editable PowerPoint template)

Contributed by Rebecca Brockman of That PLR Girl

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

The Complete Summer Party Kit

Get Instant Access to THE COMPLETE PARTY PLANNER - With Commercial USE PLR - Canva Templates including:31 Total Files - Save You Time, Money, and Budget, Pick Your Vendors, Theme, Activities, and Games, To-Do Lists - Help Plan, Schedule, Setup, Manage Your Party.

Contributed by Barrington Paige of Web Profit School

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

PLR Manifestation Journal

This gorgeous PLR manifestation journal will help people manifest more money, health, and love into their lives! It includes researched manifestation activities, trackers, and 90 days of manifestation journal prompts.

Contributed by Kay Zane of Zane PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

PLR The Summer Planner

PLR The Summer Planner comes with 41 pages of Canva templates in four sizes- US Letter, A4, A5, and 8×10!  This planner helps you track, record, and plan for all of your summer events, trips, adventures, and celebrations!  It comes with pages to plan barbecues/cookouts, reunions, picnics, day trips, road trips, beach destinations, camping trips, and more!

Contributed by Aimee Bagshaw of Imperfectly Aimee K.

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

bundle test image

Product Name

Product Description

Contributed by NAME of BUSINESS NAME

Personal Use Only - Value $xx

Fasting for Breakthroughs Challenge

Unleash breakthroughs through fasting and prayer. Join the 3-day challenge to conquer battles, draw closer to the Father, and transform your life. Get powerful resources and strategies to handle challenges, reduce stress, and live with purpose. Experience real breakthroughs today!

Contributed by Christina Paulden of Christina Ciara Speaks

Personal Use Only - Value $47

Ready, Set, Manifest

Take your manifestation to the next level where you can maximize the success of achieving your goals.

Stef talks mindset and uses NLP & Quantum Hynoptherapy techniques to help you manifest your dream business and life. It's not just setting some goals, it's using appropriate language to install it into your unconscious mind and make it happen.

Contributed by Stef Fournier

Personal Use Only - Value $47 CAD ($35 USD)

Pinned Post Power

Your first three posts on Instagram are the most looked at when someone new checks out your profile - let’s be strategic about the posts you can pin there. Pinned Post Power is a mini course walking you through how to turn your top three Instagram posts into a mini funnel so that people who check out your profile know exactly who you are, what you do, and what you offer.

Contributed by Kim Bowers of KB Consulting

Personal Use Only - Value $67

Mighty Content Checklists

Get off the hamster wheel of content creation! Spend less time creating content from scratch or editing PLR – repurpose more! These checklists + tips show you to save time by quickly and easily reusing and repurposing all types of content for your business. You're sitting on a goldmine - use existing content smarter so you can save time, make more sales, and have fun in the sun.

Contributed by Jennifer Burke of Mighty Marketing Mojo

Personal Use Only - Value $27

Social Media Sale Video Templates

Are you ready to elevate your brand’s presence on social media like never before? These sale video templates are designed to help you create eye-catching and effective promotional videos. You can add your own product images, include catchy captions and call-to-action, and incorporate your brand's logo and colors. They are optimized for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

Contributed by Estelle Defrance of PLR for Your Success

Personal Use Only - Value $27

The Abundance Journal

Abundance is all around us, all the time. But we’re not always tapped into it. The truth is money is energy, which means money has a frequency. There are ways to actively raise your frequency to attract & make yourself available for more abundance. And one of the best ways is through a regular abundance journaling practice!

Contributed by Tanya D. of The Peace We Crave

Personal Use Only - Value $27

Geek Clinic Membership - Tech Support for DIY Website Owners

Unlock your online business's potential with the Geek Clinic. Join for personalized tech support, practical training, and a supportive network. Get tailored recommendations, access an archive of solutions, Tech Short training & more. Experience freedom from tech challenges with the Geek Clinic!

Contributed by Renee Shupe of Geek in Your Pocket

Personal Use Only - Value $30

Navigating the Challenges of Being a Solopreneur

Transform your mindset and take your business to new heights with Navigating the Challenges of Being a Solopreneur. Download the eBook for strategies to overcome self-doubt, optimize performance, and create a productive workspace. Learn how to cultivate a growth mindset and unleash your creativity. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success as you navigate your amazing journey as a solopreneur.

Contributed by Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare

Personal Use Only - Value $19

Build and Connect: Fostering School Connections and Resources for Summer Break

Foster school connections and have a relaxing break with your family. This guide will help you with quick challenges to utilize your talent and background to build relationships with your child's school. There are also resources to help engage with your children during long breaks and relax.

Contributed by Melissa Chadowski of Stunning Jade LLC

Personal Use Only - Value $19.99

Profits Through Progress Course Checklist

Supercharge your courses with the Profits Through Progress Course Checklist! By ensuring your content is effective and impactful, you'll improve results for your clients and generate more testimonials and referrals. Elevate your course through 10 easy-to-follow items. Perfect for all course creators, experienced or new, looking to take their courses to the next level.

Contributed by Sarah Shoop

Personal Use Only - Value $49

Chakra & Crystal Healing for Beginners

Everyone needs to know the basics of energy. Learn about your energy centers and how you can work with them to create balance in your life and get a little much needed, easy-to-do, self-care.

Contributed by Karen Miller of Ravynwood

Personal Use Only - Value $27

New Moon Project Planner for Entrepreneurs

The New Moon Project Planner is an invaluable tool designed for entrepreneurs to harness the powerful energy of the new moon, fostering creativity and productivity in your business projects. By staying in sync with the lunar cycles, you can strategically plan, initiate, and track projects, transforming your workflow and maximizing your business success.

Contributed by Amy Adams of Cosmic CEO

Personal Use Only - Value $27

Meal Planning eBook and Planner

Struggling with fixing breakfast and lunch every morning, and dinner every night? Wishing to gift yourself more time? If you're ready to prep your meals in advance, look no further than this eBook. It even includes a printable meal planner with a grocery list!

Contributed by Lori Walker of Touch of Organized

Personal Use Only - Value $17

Getting To Know Me All Over Again Journal

A beautiful journal with 30 prompts to remind you of who you are! Are you ready to find yourself, renew yourself, and love yourself again? If you said yes, be sure and grab this journal! We are ready to show you how! Do you know you are beautiful?
XO Maddie Jae

Contributed by Jeri Baldovin of XO Maddie Jae

Personal Use Only - Value $15

The Busy Entrepreneurs' Summer Eating Guide

The Busy Entrepreneurs' Summer Eating Guide is designed to help you navigate the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet while balancing your work schedule. It offers practical advice, easy-to-follow meal plans, and delicious summer-themed recipes that will help you stay energized and focused to achieve your goals without sacrificing your health.

Contributed by Kayece Flood of Raising Tiny Foodies

Personal Use Only - Value $28

$xxxx in workshops and products

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